Diary John Doe

A Homeless Man in the USA

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Diary of John Doe

a Homeless Man in the USA

Day 1 (really day 375)

March 27th 2017

By John Doe a Homeless Man

Diary John Doe .com

My name is John, for this Diary that being serialized on several News Sites and at Diary John Doe .com,  I agreed to use Doe as my last name.

I will be chronicling my journey through the maze of bureaucracy a homeless person faces when they try to obtain basic items such as food stamps and housing assistance, etc, as well as job placement for a highly skilled worker that is over the age of 50.

My personal journey with being homeless began over a year ago, when I became ill due to the toxic black mold in a condo I rented for almost 10 years in South Florida.

Instead of fixing the mold the landlord sued me to take possession of the property.

I counter sued the slumlord and gave possession of the property back to the owner and I officially became homeless since I was not working for a few months by that time.

I have an on going civil action against the landlord over the harm the black mold did to me.

I was not able to get unemployment when I got sick since I haven’t technically had a job for a very long time. I worked for a non-profit organization and they reimbursed me for all expenses I had in life, my home, my car, gas, clothes, etc. I didn’t make any thing above what I spent for basic life needs. Like a religious organization might pay a priest or chaplain for services. I did work for a non profit and they were allowed to cover my expenses to live.

I wrote articles for the organization and did lots of tech work for them and had a large following. However, due to my illness I could not produce any longer and the long running feature I wrote got axed so I became jobless and homeless at the same time.

Had I had a normal job, I could have collected unemployment I guess. But I don’t appear on any state or federal computers as a wage earner now for a very long time.

In other words I was off the grid financially.

A charitable friend gave me shelter on a blow up air mattress in a warehouse for some of the past year and others gave me a couch here and there and sometimes I just camped outside since SFL has nice weather. However, it’s a year now and I am HOMELESS pretty much full time.

I am very skilled in technology, I can build a great WordPress, HTML or PHP website with all the bells and whistles that some companies can easily charge $5,000.00 for. Basic web design starts at $300 to $500 for an ugly site that does nothing. If you want auto post to social media, and social media accounts setup and SEO and contact forms and navigation sliders and even say a HD Video, well a $500.00 site can become a $5,000 site easily. It would take days for a person to make such a site, I can do it in a few hours.

I tried to sell my design services door to door in Broward County and while most companies have an ugly old site that produces no real leads or clients due to they were done in old HTML and are not mobile friendly, so these companies think they have a website, but they don’t if you understand Internet Marketing. The companies with old crappy sites just don’t get it that their unresponsive site cannot be seen properly by 70% of traffic that is now on mobile devices and in reality making a site that actually converts into leads and business is not that easy and takes specialized knowledge which I have. So I offered my services designing a $5,000 website and said to hundreds of companies in Broward just make me an offer and it’s almost impossible to find any small businesses in broke ass Broward Country with even $500 bucks to offer me for my great work. So I cannot make a living at web design even though I’m the best designer there is in Browad and if I was in a major market that skill would generate 100K or more a year easily.

I spoke to a few scam Internet Marketing Companies in South Florida who expect an expert computer programmer to work for $10.00 an hour to maybe $15 bucks an hour. I’m sorry but if I can’t make $1,000 a week to afford my own studio, I don’t consider your job offer a job.

I need to make $50,000 a year at a minimum to live at what I consider the poverty line, as a single adult in a crappy ass Studio Apartment without even a bedroom.

These low end rentals are now $1,000 to $1,200 a month in Broward and probably over $2,000 a month in NYC or LA.

What is the point of working if your JOB can’t even pay for the most modest of abodes?

Banks will tell you, to qualify for a mortgage and even an apartment rental, your monthly rent or mortgage should not exceed 25% of your monthly pay.

So the real poverty line in my opinion is now $50,000 a year since that is what it will take in income to qualify to even rent out a modest studio apartment where I live.

So my journey in this series of articles is to finally USE THE SYSTEM to see what it can offer a truly HOMELESS PERSON.

I have no home.

I have no car.

I have no bank account.

I have no record with the state or federal government at having worked for many years.

So here I am US Government, I am HOMELESS and I am writing a diary for FREE to document how bad the system is for anyone that truly needs help. Maybe some will donate to me via these articles. I don’t count on it though since the mood of the country with jobs is people without them don’t want to work. Well I want to work and if anyone can pay me a REAL WAGE where I can afford my own Studio doing what I know how to do, I’ll be happy to work for them.

My first need everyday is FOOD and while I have been able to find around $100 a week pan handling or doing odd jobs for cash and whatever to just eat, i am now having a problem even finding that most weeks so I often go HUNGRY. So now, I will attempt to obtain FOOD STAMPS. I’m tired of pan handling for FOOD MONEY and no I don’t do drugs or drink, so if you see a dude with a sign HOMELESS NEED MONEY TO EAT give the guy some food money it might be me.


So as far I am concerned my recent BEGGING is not work and not income.

So today March 27th 2017 I applied online for FOOD STAMPS using a friends computer.

I put homeless and no address.

No bank account, no stock, no real estate and no car and NO JOB since panhandling is not a job.

After almost 60 minutes answering questions about dead parents and ex wives I got an email form letter saying it will be 7 days to 30 days to process my application and they will Call me or MAIL me results. I guess their autobot program can’t properly handle people with NO ADDRESS and NO PHONE, I am HOMELESS and I have no phone nor mailing address and I refuse to bother friends with my plight, so they will not be taking calls or receiving letters for me about my homelessness..


First mistake the state made is they put the wrong date on the application since it came in past 5PM so that gives then another day to keep me STARVING.

See the form letter, how funny, calling or mailing a person that stated NO PHONE and NO ADDRESS.

So that’s the first problem I see and I might have to sue IMMEDIATELY OVER IT, I need food NOW and I’m hungry and I shouldn’t have to pan handle for it.


John Doe Letter 1
John Doe Letter 1

So now I guess I have to go pan handle to find the $15.00 bucks I spend a day on real food. I eat lots of fresh fruit and fresh vegetables and usually I get a roasted chicken every other day since I have no kitchen to prepare food in.

I heard the state thinks you can live on $200.00 a month, so when they get around to granting a truly homeless man Food Stamps the first thing I will do is sue the government agencies over not giving me enough to eat properly. They are conspiring to make me SICK by not providing me enough money to eat properly that means fresh fruit and fresh vegetables and fresh protein not frozen or pre-packaged sodium laced poison, I eat real food and I need $400 a month to eat real food and if an agency says no, then I will sue over inadequate food stamp support.

The fact is I AM HOMELESS so that means no kitchen and no ability to cook. No refrigerator either. So I can buy a 1 buck box of past or a bag of beans and eat for a few days. I can’t cook or prepare food. So while $200 might be enough to feed a person with a kitchen lots of cheap carbs like pasta, rice and beans a truly homeless person cannot cook such meals so their cost of eatable food is much higher than a poor person who has a home. The homeless NEED MORE MONEY FOR FOOD than poor people lucky enough to have a roof and my goal is to force that issue with the courts.

In my plight I thought it would be nice to blaze a path to do something to HELP OTHERS in the future that might end up as I have ended up. HOMELESS.

I will not take a job for less than what I consider to be the REAL POVERTY LINE that being $50,000 a year so I can live in my own studio with a little human dignity. I honestly believe that the real minimum wage should be $25.00 an hour based on the fact that it costs $1,000 now to obtain a closet Studio apartment just to have a kitchen.

So when I go job seeking now usually via the internet I always demand a potential employer state what is the minimum wage they wili pay a highly skilled tech person. In SFL it is often 10 to 15 bucks an hour. I really explode at companies over the phone or in emails that offer me such low wages as 10 or 15 bucks an hour by explaining that any job offer below $50k is an attempt to make me a slave labor victim and deny me a fair wage. So that makes me unemployable to any company not willing to find $50K a year to hire a high level tech geek.

No job below 50K a year will fix my position. I do not want to have to have the government subsidize my rent due to some cheap company taking advantage of me by not paying me a FAIR MINIMUM WAGE. I can type 80WPM, I can code in many languages and I can even administrate a whole network of servers. I am highly skilled in tech and I write great copy. I should be making $150K to $250K a year easily with my skill sets but such jobs are not available in SFL.

In my opinion, all the financial numbers the government gives out are FAKE and are used by big companies to create the equivalent of a huge SLAVE LABOR pool of workers that believe the government lies that making $30k or $40K is a ‘good job’. It’s a crap job since you can’t even qualify for a poverty level Studio Apartment without at least $50K a year. I would be forced to get government assistance to help with a poverty level studio if I take such an underpaying job.

So now that I’ve applied for FOOD STAMPS I’m in the system and I will be bitching and moaning the whole time until I find a job with at least $50K a year pay.

If any agency tries to force me to get a job, well I will try but every potential employer will be forewarned that if they try to hire me for less than $50K a year I will be in Federal Court the first day over how they are a slave wage company in a conspiracy with the US Government to under pay workers.

If people understood what poverty truly is and how their low paying jobs are due to the greed of big companies making profits over providing a job for a worker they can really live on, well the end result is a lot of companies faced with paying a real wage would probably have to go out of business.


If you can’t pay a worker enough to live with dignity, then you either have to raise prices or go out of business.

If enough people lost their low paying jobs, then maybe real estate would crash and the rental on a Studio would fall to $100 or $200 a month where it should be for the wages companies want to pay people.

Come on people $7.25 or so an hour for a FEDERAL MINIMUM WAGE that is an abomination, what can you live in at $300 or less a week? NOTHING

So when the Federal Minimum Wage is enough to make you HOMELESS someone has to sue the Federal Government and force a change.

The obscenely low minimum wage is why poor people stay poor.

A worker is entitled to a decent wage and that wage needs to cover the basic human dignity rights things a person needs and it begins with food and shelter.

So day 1 of my journal resulted in a government agency saying they will MAIL ME results, well that is impossible for a homeless person so that might be my first lawsuit.

Oh, I’ve a very experienced litigator, over the years (six case cites in the SCOTUS) I have sued the government and companies over and over for doing clearly illegal acts against me and often they settle as soon as I start a lawsuit. The reason is, I don’t sue over frivolous things, I sue based on civil rights and human rights violations and these things are being flagrantly violated daily by most big companies and the public is too uneducated to do anything about it.

So Day 1, I have no food and the agency says check your mail which I do not have.

Tomorrow I will call the agency, get names and ID numbers and explain I AM HOMELESS where can I go to get FOOD NOW.

When they refuse to feed me IMMEDIATELY as I believe they should have to do, I will then file a pauper lawsuit in US Federal Court over how the state agency is intentionally starving me.

If you are HOMELESS and have NO FOOD you should be able to be FED NOW.

That is a basic human right and a human dignity issue and it may be my duty in life to make sure POOR HOMELESS PEOPLE have the right to be fed.

I will force the federal judge to hold an emergency TRO hearing over the issue and that will force the state to show up and GET ME FOOD TODAY.

If the Federal Judge refuses to hold an emergency TRO then I appeal and put the Federal Courts into an action for not protecting my HUMAN RIGHTS and CIVIL RIGHTS.

I am a citizen of this country who paid a fortune early in life in Federal Taxes and now I’m saying PAY ME.

Diary John Doe

A Homeless Man in the USA

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