Diary John Doe

A Homeless Man in the USA

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Diary of John Doe

a Homeless Man in the USA

Day 2 (really day 376)

March 28th 2017

By John Doe a Homeless Man

Diary John Doe .com

So I borrowed a friends phone to call the Rep that FL Access says handles my area for Emergency Food Stamps.

His name is Dwight Clark 954-375-3338

He conveniently said he couldn’t hear me anymore after he stated unequivocally that there was no way for me to get Food Stamps today, his solution for a Hungry HOMELESS MAN was to go to a food bank.

I said I believe he and the state are violating my FEDERAL CIVIL RIGHTS to get Federal Assistance TODAY since HUNGRY HOMELESS PEOPLE should not have to wait 7 to 30 days.

This was after I informed him that my application has NO PHONE or ADDRESS so the suggested way the state handles such a matter does not properly take into account what to do when there is NO PHONE or ADDRESS which is what most HOMELESS people have as their reality.

Mr. Clark who sounded like he was a man of ethnic background due to his accent and use of words, did not like how I told him I thought the state needs to be sued by me TODAY in Federal Court over no emergency FOOD STAMPS for someone in my situation, I should not have to hunt down a food bank to do what the Federal Government is mandating the State of Florida do, that being distribute FOOD STAMPS to the needy such I am.

Food Banks are not part of the state nor the federal government, most are run by religious Org’s and as a person that does not believe in religion, I feel it is a violation of my FREEDOM OF RELIGION to force me to seek food from what in my area are usually religious organizations to eat when the Federal Government has a FOOD STAMP program that states such as Florida as supposed to be operating effectively.

Mr. Clark accused me of having MONEY to sue the state and when I informed him I could file for FREE under the PAUPER RULES and I have in the past, he just said he would email me the number.

After a while no such email was delivered with the promised phone number for me to call to setup a in person interview as I will need and Mr. Clark was unequivocal the STATE OF FLORIDA HAS NO SUCH IMMEDIATE FOOD STAMP PROVISIONS so they are violating my civil rights and human dignity.

I will now have to draw up a 1982 Civil Rights Action on the State of Florida for force them to change how there is NO EMERGENCY FOOD STAMPS for POOR HOMELESS PEOPLE.

The United States needs to start to take care of the poor and homeless instead of wasting trillions of dollars on wars over oil and politics.

If I must be the one to battle the system so be it.


Mr Clark did eventually email me a phone number to call.


I spoke to Parnetha

She did the ‘interview’ over the phone and made a minor mistake stating I had to register for Work Fare, I stated the ‘rules’ said only 18 to 50 year old people had to do that and since I was over 50 was that needed.

She corrected herself and said no.

Then she said I had to supply 2 pieces of ID and then it would be 3 days to 7 to get EMERGENCY FOOD STAMPS.

I asked where do I go to do that and she gave me an address and a fax number and said I could upload in my Account.

I logged into my account and it was not a real account, she said, since it was an application status account.

So that means I had to recreate a new account which I did and it did not register and then she decided it was due to the state not having my proof of ID. So that means I have to find a fax machine to fax the ID info to with my claim number on it.

Then I should be able to create an online account.

So thus far it is looking like 3 to 7 days is the fastest way to get FOOD STAMPS for a HOMELESS HUNGRY PERSON.

Now that I have had my interview and qualify it’s just getting a EBT card issued.

She said I need it to be MAILED so it’s either go to post office and explain I’m homeless and expecting it so try to use general delivery or use a friends address temporarily to get the card and then remove their address from my account since they should not have the burden of receiving my mail for my problems.

So the state is not setup up properly to help truly needy poor homeless people who do not have ID and a way to fax info and a way to receive mail.

Luckily I have ID or that would be another problem.

I can prove I am a US Citizen

Had I not been given the immediate interview today, I sure would have filed a federal action, but now it looks as if I may get FOOD STAMPS within 3 or maybe 7 days. That’s not good, but it beats the 30 days the initial email from the State warned me as to how long the process can take.

Why is there no state agency way to give IMMEDIATE FOOD to poor homeless people?



Two hours after I sent the fax, it was still in limbo so a rep named Brea suggested I appear in person to expedite my application.

So I went to the local state office and showed my ID and now my application says completed so it should be in 3 to 7 days an EBT arrives to help me EAT.

Diary John Doe

A Homeless Man in the USA

Diary - Book - Movie - About - Donate - Hire

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