Diary John Doe

A Homeless Man in the USA

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Diary of John Doe

a Homeless Man in the USA

Day 4 (really day 378)

March 30th 2017


By John Doe a Homeless Man

Diary John Doe .com

I spent most of the day trying to figure out how to obtain HEALTH INSURANCE as a Homeless Man in the USA.

I applied at www.HealthCare.gov for insurance and it denied me.

I guess they didn’t like a few things such as no address and no phone number.

It came back a form denial saying the period to enroll was over plus due to me stating I did not plan on filing a Tax Return for 2016 nor 2017 since I have been JOBLESS AND HOMELESS and the minimum income needed is a little over $10,000 a year, there is no reason for me to file a tax return on personal income since I had none.

Since FL is one of the asshole 17 states that sued Obama Care to opt out of the expanded Medicaid Program that would cover me in 33 other states, there is NO INSURANCE IN FLORIDA for anyone who is JOBLESS AND HOMELESS.

Seems I should be SUING the state of FL now over that fact.

I found some information about low income and even HOMELESS MEDICAL CARE in Broward County so I have a number to call tomorrow about applying and being given W72 status and that means I would be entitled to go to the Bernard Alicki Health Center at 1101 W Broward Blvd.

If you are HOMELESS the number is 954-767-5344 to apply.

They claim to have doctors to see you and a pharmacy and even dental.

Low Income people with low paying jobs which can mean up to 96K in income for a family of 5 are W80 Status and that entitles them to co-pay care such as emergency room visits for $25.00 and primary care doctors etc.

So it seems a large non-profit hospital organization is trying to fill in the safety net for no income or low income people.

I do have a couple of cracked teeth that have broken away to the gum line, they were teeth that had root canals many years ago and never go properly capped. So when I was in my accident over a year ago they shattered the temporary filings and being jobless and homeless they were not repaired.

Had I know there was a HOMELESS DENTAL CARE center in Broward I would have had them extracted last year, but that will be my goal now.

They don’t cause pain due to having no nerves in the roots of the teeth, but it’s not healthy to have such decaying dead teeth in your mouth it can cause illnesses.

Luckily most of my teeth are in good shape and that would do me well to fix that problem.

I spent some time filling out an APPEAL of the federal site denying me health care.

So I may sue the Federal Government for not having health care for homeless and jobless people.

You need income it appears to be qualified to get into an Obamacare program in Florida. Then the low income I know who had Obamacare have all dropped it since while the rates are cheap the fact they have huge deductibles means they get NO HEALTH CARE having it.

So once again the Federal Government has nothing in place to HELP HOMELESS AND JOBLESS PEOPLE.

I really need to SUE THE US GOVERNMENT over how badly they treat the HOMELESS people in this country.

Instead of feeding the poor and providing shelter and health care for the poor this country would rather build prisons and keep millions in jails that mostly came from poor urban areas. It would rather spend TRILLIONS in wars that are meaningless and were created to fuel the war corporations of the USA. It would rather have a nut job like John McCain call a world leader with a nuclear arsenal a crazy fat kid, ignoring that the kid can kill over 90% of the US Population with Nukes, according to ex CIA Director Woolsey.

A whole generation of Americans were lied to by the US Government as to the fake minimum wage the US Government put out that kept people in POVERTY and allowed big US Corporations to rip off the workers of the USA while creating trillions in profit for shareholders.

This is why the US Government and population is BANKRUPT. Artificial low wages to workers to fuel trillions in profits destroyed the real middle class of America and now you have POOR and means under 100K a year in income for a family of 5 and the rich, the shareholders of public companies that used basically SLAVE LABOR in the USA due to the fake minimum wage the US had in place to deceive workers into thinking they had great jobs when the reality was they had SLAVE JOBS and now facing retirement most cannot afford to live on social security another joke and deceit the US government created to make the SLAVE LABOR POOL of workers that fueled the profits of big US Companies for decades.

America was GREAT in the 1950’s when strong labor unions created real jobs for US workers that allowed a man to work and feed and house his family. Labor Unions and manufacturing jobs that paid well were destroyed in the 1970’s and 1980’s and what is left is an economy with no strong work force and good union jobs.

America went from a strong manufacturing nation to a cheap service industry nation.

Big US Companies gave up or moved plants overseas and the cheap imports of cars and electronics let countries like Japan and later China create strong manufacturing economies.

When Nixon took the USA off the Gold Standard in 1971, that created the fiasco we now see around the world. Gold was then $35 an ounce and in a global economy where Gold is now valued at over $1,200 an ounce the cost of everything sky rocketed.

So a perfect storm of losing the solid gold standard with Unions losing their power and America allowing cheap imports to destroy manufacturing we now see the results. Generations of US Workers that were lied to with a low minimum wage and today the need to have at least $50,000 to not be in poverty. That is the REAL POVERTY LINE. It takes $50,000 to live with a shred of dignity in the USA as a single man. That is the cost to rent a low cost studio apartment in most areas of the USA and some big cities it is double that.

Yet in right to work states such as Florida, employers think offering $10 to $15 bucks an hour is a good wage. It is not a livable wage and such employers need to be SUED for offering workers SLAVE WAGES.

So tomorrow I will see what type of HEALTH CARE a JOBLESS and HOMELESS MAN in the USA can get in Broward County Florida.


Diary John Doe

A Homeless Man in the USA

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