Diary John Doe

A Homeless Man in the USA

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Diary of John Doe

a Homeless Man in the USA

Day 5 (really day 379)

March 31st 2017

By John Doe a Homeless Man

Diary John Doe .com

Today I called 954-527-6041 the main number for the Bernard Alicki Center which is supposed to treat HOMELESS PEOPLE in Broward Country.


If you do not live in a shelter or a rehab center or a halfway house coming of jail or prison, you can’t prove you’re HOMELESS so they REFUSE YOU.

I prefer a couch here and there, sleeping under the stars and even in warehouses to the vile shelter experience where you take you life in your hands sleeping with criminals and the mentally ill and your possessions are stolen the first night usually.

Luckily I have a friend that allows me to keep my clothes in his warehouse for the time being and I have use of showers in friends homes and often a couch and even a gym in the area for showers for only $10 bucks a month.

So Obamacare refused me and now the so-called Homeless Outreach medical care service refused me.

I guess I need to sue the US Government over health care, they have no program to give a JOBLESS and HOMELESS PERSON any health insurance and yet they have passed laws demanding everyone have health insurance.

You can’t pass a law that discriminates against people and poor people and jobless people cannot afford health care so any law demanding it or face a fine is illegal.

I contacted probably 100 people all running scam job ads on craigslist looking for web designers and gurus.

Many were scam SEO companies looking to steal your clients by demanding a resume. I explained a huge network exists that is mostly my work and when they reveal they are an SEO company I say no thanks, if you can do SEO you sure as fuck can design a simple website. Shit, I’m an elite level SEO Guru as well as SEM and PPC Guru and even a SMM and SMO guru with over 20 years experience in designing websites using every language and platform around.

I should be running the IT department of a major company and not listening to clowns looking for gurus at 10 to 15 bucks an hour.

Oh one clown was somewhat interested in hiring me and when he said he owns the work I create I corrected him, unless you are prepared to give me 100K a year and benefits and whatever, the work I do for you will be as an Independent DESIGNER and by international law I OWN ANY IP ASSET you pay me to create. You pay me to set it up and create it and then you pay me to use it that is international law about digital file creation and covers software and websites.

Well the person actually believed that if they pay me a slave wage of $25.00 an hour they own it, I said oh so it’s a full time job with benefits and you have at least a 2 year contract of employment to get me to work for your little nothing company?

Of course they said I had an attitude and forget it.

Of course I have an attitude, I understand international law and IP rights and when I create something I OWN IT unless we have a very specific contract saying the person I work for owns it, as was used in the last company I worked for. I was their slave, they owned me and my work.

It will not happen again, I will be happy to do freelance IT work but if I create something the company will have to pay me forever to use my IP asset. That is international law and it is actually inside most web design contracts.

The web design company OWNS THEIR WORK unless you have a written contract stating they don’t.

Well if anyone wants to hire me and want me to sign away my rights to my IP work, they better have at least $100K a year on the table and benefits and perks and at least a 2 year contract.

If you design websites and agree to work for a slave wage of under $25.00 an hour, that’s on you, but if the sleeze bag company paying you under $25 an hour doesn’t have you sign an IP agreement, when you leave get an IP lawyer and sue that company for all the work you did that they are not paying you for.

IP work and IT work is IP work when you create content and digital files does not belong to anyone but the person that creates it. Big companies that pay designers 125K a year have them sign away the rights to such work. It’s why they’re big companies and paying high wages you can live on to designers.

Smaller companies under paying IT workers, they’re asking for future lawsuits and I would prefer to not have that in my future, so I tell small companies up front I OWN WHAT I CREATE and the don’t like it and they sure as fuck can’t afford to pay me 125K a year to create real IP assets for them.

So I guess my only future is hustling small local companies with bullshit small web design jobs and I need to make enough money to create a company to collect my fees.

So it’s time for me to hit the road with no phone and no business cards and grind out some work.

I guess I’ll have to swallow my pride and agree to do bullshit 250.00 to 500.00 tiny jobs and moan the owner is ripping me off.

I guess I can create a contract and put the LAW about I OWN THE IP WORK in small print.

Then I need to figure out a way to have a monthly fee for a service the company needs other than simple design.

So I guess SEM and PPC management needs to be tied into a service deal.

Now what to call my future web design company since it is obvious the USA will not take care of me if I remain homeless.

Well, it’s not important what I call the company. I can either knock on the doors of small companies in strip centers and offer to clean their windows for 10 bucks or I can offer to help them with their IM (internet Marketing) and my resume is all the sites I’ve done over the years that still exist that I get nothing for.

I really need to hustle to buy a phone, it’s only $50 a month, then get some postcards made up and put the number on it. I have access to some buddies servers and can put a temporary site on them for nothing.

I can register a domain name for 1 buck to 10 bucks easy enough.

So a name, a web site, a $50 buck a month phone and as soon as I start to generate income I get a lawyer to setup a company for me and let them pay me and my taxes and my unemployment.

Companies NEED what I do and I just have to knock on some doors and find a company that wants a killer website and a guru that can really get them on top of social media and search engines.

I know how to do it, so now it’s do it for my own company since the assholes running internet marketing companies are pure assholes that know how to sell and know nothing about actually making sites and getting a business results from the net.

So I need to panhandle up 150.00 to 200.00 bucks and I can start my own business.

I will then need to pay $150 or whatever to the state to get a company incorporated and that means a street address so $100 to sign up at a mailbox store like UPS etc.

Then when I have $100 bucks I can open a business account and start to put in checks I get for my work.

I REFUSE to work for slave wages so now it is create a company at what I do.

What ‘can’ make America Great is it is still the LAND OF OPPORTUNITY, the opportunity is not working for $10 or $15 bucks an hour for some bullshit company or even making $25 an hour the real minimum wage you need to live in poverty with human dignity.

In the USA you can see a NEED and create a company pretty easily to fill that need.

Immigrants come to the USA and within a few years many OWN small local businesses since they have a WORK ETHIC which most US Born Citizens do not have.

Some come here and all they can buy is a bucket and squeegee and they make a route cleaning windows of local businesses in strip centers. Others make a route cutting grass and cleaning homes or offices.

They do the LABOR that Americans refuse to do for cheap wages Americans will not work for like $10 or 20 bucks an hour to cut grass or clean shit.

Luckily I have vast tech skills so I can easily HELP a local company with SERVICES such as Web Design that converts and is responsively designed and managing their IM accounts like adwords and even SM accounts with SMM.

So I guess it has come time to PAWN the few things I own like my watch and maybe my golf clubs and electronics and find maybe $500 so I can get a legit mailing address for a business and then file incorporation papers with the state so I can open a business checking account.

It is OBVIOUS the US Government has no real social programs to FEED the HOMELESS and Shelter them and give them real health care.

So once I pawn some stuff then it’s setup the basic things a company does and create a website and start knocking on doors.

I don’t have a car so a monthly bus pass will allow me to travel all over Broward for $75 a month or whatever the fees are now.

I can concentrate on high commercial zones where you have lots of small companies and professional centers with lawyers and doctors.

I have decent clothes still in the warehouse so I will look professional and I am highly educated and can deal with professionals by showing them sites that can give a business owner tech info as to what is wrong with their crappy sites.

Most will not be responsive, most will have serious problems like slow speeds.

My site will be fast and have great WPO scores so I will look great to potential clients and all the work I did for the company that took care of me for years will be my resume.

See what I did for this company and all these sites, now I’m an independent designer and you sure as fuck better read the fine print in my design services contract since I UNDERSTAND THE LAW and I OWN what I create.

I’m sure a future client will be happy with my work when they see their phones ring from what I do since they will have TRACKING NUMBERS to track the leads I make them.

I know my work is great, way better than the local Designers I’ve been looking at for potential jobs. I’ve spoken to owners of local Design and IM companies and everyone is a CLOWN with slow sites that have failing grades. They’re good at sales and have no tech skills.

Well I used to sell technology solutions decades ago when that was hot and made a lot of money doing it being a top sales rep selling TECH SOLUTIONS like vertical software packages for lawyers and doctors and even auto mechanics.

That was almost 30 years ago, haha.

But business is business, instead of selling software to manage billing for a law firm or doctor of auto repair shop, I’m selling my skills as a Designer, SEO, SEM, SMM guru.

For over a year I’ve rested recovering from a serious illness and also a serious injury.

I have two pending lawsuits over it, one about MOLD and one for a major injury I got due to the negligence of a large housing development that I got hurt in.

So I have future paydays coming to me from them, but in the mean time other than Food Stamps IF THEY EVER ARRIVE I will not expect this crappy government to do shit for me since after a week of trying to find help I found out there is none in reality.

So JOHN DOE a Homeless Man in the USA will now become John Doe a startup tech company with nothing but skill and a desire to make a living and while most small companies are in bad shape if I spend all day knocking on doors with a business card and a website I will find clients.

A simple web design job can be $500 or even $5,000 and after $3,000 I will have enough to get into a studio or maybe a 1 Bedroom and stop being homeless. I can then abandon food stamps if I get them and focus on MAKING MONEY. That is what made America Great it is still the land where you can start a service business and do it without a license luckily in the service industry I am in.

The Internet is still the wild west and anyone can start a Internet Marketing and Design company without a business license. As long as you don’t have an office for companies to visit which none would do in this area, you can pass out business cards and say you do IM and Web Design work.

So to me America may still be GREAT since I’m not lazy and while my injuries give me some pain from eight bad discs I suffered in my accident, I am still able to walk around Broward and take a bus and drum up business.

AMERICA IS GREAT in that it has opportunity but AMERICA SUCKS in how it treats the poor and homeless.

Time to stop being HOMELESS AND WORK for myself since there are no companies that offer a person such as myself a real good paying job.


That is what is great about it.



Diary John Doe

A Homeless Man in the USA

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