Diary John Doe

A Homeless Man in the USA

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Diary of John Doe

a Homeless Man in the USA

Day 6 (really day 380)

April 1st 2017

By John Doe a Homeless Man

Diary John Doe .com

Today my EBT card came in so I have $194 for food this month. If I had a kitchen and refrigerator and ate a lot of rice, beans and pasta it might be enough. As a HOMELESS MAN with no home nor kitchen nor refrigerator my food needs to be eaten as soon as I buy it and much of what I buy such as a rotisserie chicken is not able to be bought with food stamps. So hot prepared food is a not allowed. Homeless people are being discriminated against with food stamps, we need more than $194 a month and to be able to buy HOT FOOD like a cooked chicken.

I pawned a few of the few personal items I had left today, so I now have enough cash on hand to start a business.

I pawned my watch and golf clubs and a few digital toys from years ago.

So my meager startup now has a paltry $500.00 to use to give the illusion I have a business.

$50.00 went to a decent smart phone and with it I now have constant internet access and a number companies can call to hire me on contract rates.

I put $100 down on a mailing address for my new venture and I started a Google Map for it so I will appear in local searches after they mail me a postcard to verify my business address is real.

I put $10 bucks into a domain name and a friend is giving me some free server space on their cloud network so now I am designing my business website to show off my Web Design skills and some of the hundreds of sites I’ve designed over the years are now in my ‘portfolio’.

I ordered via eBay 1000 double-sided UV coated postcards so I will be able to leave them with prospective clients or businesses in Broward County. There is at least 25 commercial zones I can easily reach with the adequate bus system that Broward has. It could actually be better than a car, since I can walk easily from strip center and office building without having to find a parking spot and keep moving a car.

This way too, I can eyeball the real potential clients by going out and seeing who has a legitimate business so I’m not wasting time on BS like cold calling on the phone.

If I find over $1300 in profit in a month, I will have to report a change. However, a business can write off all expenses and I may need an office and I might actually get a cheap office from earnings and that can be temporarily my shelter.

Right now my business expenses are $50.00 a month for a phone and $25.00 a month for a mailing address. My site is hosted for free for now due a friend gave me some space for me for now and even for early clients. So eventually that will be another expense, having a server for me to host my clients on.

My friend owns a huge cloud network and he can give me a killer server with lots of IP addresses for only $300 a month. That will give me one of the fastest hosting servers around. His network has under 1 second page open times for nice large 2MB sized WordPress sites. So when I’m speaking to professionals with existing websites I can show them speed test sites where their cheap shared hosting network will be usually over 3 seconds and some up to 10 seconds such as the cheap servers Godaddy uses.

In the age of instant internet, people expect websites to be like Google, Facebook and Twitter and all are under 1 second to open. However, most businesses are slow with 3 seconds to 6 seconds page open speeds. After 1 Second you lose 2.5% of users due to speed so at 2 seconds you have lost 25% of potential business. At 3 seconds you have lost almost 50% of potential new users or clients.

So imagine a lawyer paying $100 a click now for PPC ads with Google adwords and his site opens up at 3 second, that means 50% of the clicks he buys at $100 a click are not even seeing his site. This is why many small local businesses don’t even bother with Google and PPC, they do not have the speed to make it work let alone a modern responsive site that can show say on tablets and smartphones.

I know some companies with old style non-responsive sites and slow servers are wasting a fortune on Google adwords and that will be the focus of my new company to help those already spending money with Google maximize results and see a far better ROI from their IM (Internet Marketing).

So now MY FUTURE is in my hands and I am living the American Dream.

Trump wants to make America Great AGAIN.

Well in my opinion, AMERICA IS GREAT.

The reason is you can start your own business with very little money and nothing but the DESIRE TO WORK.

America is not about having a JOB, it is about CREATING YOUR JOB and that is what I am now forced to do.

I’ve looked high and low to get a good paying job in South Florida for a tech geek with a huge amount of experience.

If this was Silicon Valley my skills for a big tech company would make me over $100,000 a year easily, since my skills are things that HELP A BUSINESS MAKE MONEY.

So now I will sell my skills to local small businesses that cannot afford to pay a real tech guru over $100,000 a year to really help them with their technology needs relating to modern IM (Internet Marketing).

If I had no such skills, I would have learned a trade or craft in my youth and I would have a plumbing or roofer business or be a mechanic, I chose technology and now I AM FORCED TO CREATE MY OWN TECH JOB.

Will it succeed? It will since I can do what some Charge as much as $5,000 for as to a high end website and I’m willing to take as low as $500 now IF they agree to pay me a residual income.

Within a short time I will make over the $1,300 a month the state lists as the minimum threshold I need to make before I have to update my EBT account. I will only be TOO HAPPY to tell the state I no longer need their tiny hand out that is not enough to feed a real homeless person such as I am.

The reason I say AMERICA IS GREAT is that it is and always was THE LAND OF OPPORTUNITY. The problem is as a society it is populated with people that could care less about the homeless and the government does not support the homeless properly. I know, I AM HOMELESS and yet I now have a business, a website and business cards to solicit businesses to contract with me to supply much needed services.

If I didn’t have these skills I know I would have had a trade instead of a tech based skill set. If I was an immigrant with no trade skills or tech skills I would be handing out cards to clean offices and washing windows of strip centers or buying a lawn mower and trimmer to do lawn maintenance.

That is what makes AMERICA GREAT, you are not limited in what you CHOOSE TO DO for your living.

The key to America being GREAT is not expecting a big company to give you a job and a livable wage, they will not do that. You can MAKE YOUR WAGE by choosing what you want to be your career.

I have no real assets, only my tech skills i learned over decades of being involved in tech companies.


Soon I will have clients and I will pay $150 to incorporate my new company and open a real business account.

If I don’t open enough to get into a studio or 1 Bedroom apartment right away, it just may be a rent a small office I can put an air bed into. Spend all day on the bricks talking to potential clients and have a secure place to sleep until I can afford a studio or 1 Bedroom.

My experience the past week writing this Diary only showed me what IS GREAT ABOUT AMERICA, it is GREAT due to it expects you to WORK.

If I was mentally ill and had no skills sure I could go to a shelter and have my stuff stolen and enter the endless cycle of being reliant on the state.

By seeing first hand how badly the system reacts to a HOMELESS MAN has only motivated me to START MY OWN COMPANY.

By seeing first hand how bad the wages are for tech jobs in South Florida has only motivated me to START MY OWN TECH COMPANY.

As long as I can show a portfolio of sites I helped to create in the past are did entirely on my own, I can prove to any owner I AM GOOD and when I justify what such sites are $5,000 to really create, then let the owner say what it is worth to them. I can do sites all day long for $500 that are worth easily $5,000.

I can create Adwords accounts properly so a local company is not buying the fraud that Google has known as Partners and not running keywords wild so they over buy and also zone it properly. I can make any companies phone RING.

I know several guys that do what I do and all of them have 1/10th the ability I have. None of them are willing to pay me a fair wage, the reason is they can get cheap labor to do sites they don’t even know how to do themselves that I know how to do.

So I am now JOHN DOE BUSINESS OWNER and it took almost nothing for me to have what is needed to do business today in the wild west of Internet Marketing.

There are no business licenses needed for a company such as this.

I don’t have a retail store for clients to come to me.

In such a Business to Business (B2B) company all you need is a phone number and a website and ambition to knock on doors or do TM (Telemarketing) and in my opinion TM is not how to build this type of company. Let owners see I am a mature man that KNOWS HIS BUSINESS and I know IM and the Net.

So business owners in Fort Lauderdale I am available to HIRE on MY TERMS and I don’t do work by the hour. I will give you a BID for my services.

This is why I say a website should go for $5,000

5 Page Website in a responsive full width theme using WordPress $500 or $100 a page.

5 pages of onsite SEO to make it index properly is $1000 since SEO gurus make triple what a Web Designer makes.

Custom contact form $250

Stick header for navigation a custom script $250

Full Width Slider with stock images for navigation $500

Integration to top 4 Social Media Network $500

WPO Website Performance Optimization custom work to tweak WordPress Core to make fast $1,000

Setup a cloud bucket to give a site the speed of major internet Companies $1,000

That’s $5,000 piece by piece and if you have that you have a killer business website that is opening under 1 second and getting you results.

If you want a PPC guru that’s me it’s $1,000 for me to setup adwords properly so Google is not ripping you off and I will mange the account for 33% of your monthly budget that is the going rate for PPC Gurus.

So with PPC setup that’s a $6000 tech job for real and I can do it for $1,000 or $2,000 or $3,000 or whatever discount it takes.

My new site has a package for$6000 now and I have setup discount codes, so I can take a client to it and order online. When they say wow 6K I can’t afford that, okay what discount do you need TODAY.

I can discount 10% to 90% with preset discount codes.

The person pays online through Paypal an account I’ve had for years and it even has SUBSCRIPTION terms for monthly services such as cloud hosting and minimum PPC account fees. I also have a monthly subscription for organic SEO and it is expensive.

I even created an AFFILIATE PROGRAM for my new business and it already has autopost to social media and the new social media accounts are already attracting followers and within a week it will have a nice KLOUT Score so I can takeover top spots in social media for what I do.

How big will new company grow in the next year or two? It will grow as big as my desire and ambition makes it grow.


Fuck you Donald Trump, you can’t make America Great with Jobs, AMERICA IS GREAT RIGHT NOW due to the fact a HOMELESS MAN like me can with almost no money create a NEW BUSINESS and now my future is in my hands not the governments.



Diary John Doe

A Homeless Man in the USA

Diary - Book - Movie - About - Donate - Hire

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